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ONHC brings together all the expertise needed to provide the most effective solutions in the management and provision of healthcare services supplementary to the Italian health service.

ONHC brings together in a single ecosystem all the expertise needed to manage the most effective supplemental healthcare solutions.

Through its subsidiaries, ONHC provides its national and international customers with the most suitable tools for an integrated social welfare system in the field of supplemental healthcare, through the management of healthcare networks, insurance solutions and consultancy in the fields of healthcare, legal/fiscal matters, risk management, actuarial and corporate benefits.

ONHC is intended for:

  • Corporate, inter-company and professional supplemental healthcare funds and welfare schemes
  • Self-managed health funds
  • Trade associations
  • Trade unions
  • Mutual societies
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Private and public companies
  • Welfare societies
  • ON Health
    Care Group

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