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Un modello consulenziale All in One
An All in One consultancy model for Health Funds

Filippo Ceppellini illustrates an innovative procedure for the repositioning of ONHC.

Filippo Ceppellini illustrates an innovative procedure for the repositioning of ONHC.

Supplementary health funds are an important element in the context of health and social welfare in our country.
Around 13 million Italians benefit from these forms of substitute and complementary supplemental health assistance, which are intended to work synergistically with the National Health Service (SSN).

At present the health expenditure channelled by funds is still quite contained compared to out of pocket expenditure, that is to say paid directly by citizens. However, the system is strengthening and expanding, and it is estimated that within three years almost all Italian private employees will benefit from the services of a contractual health fund, which is increasingly targeted to compensate for those facilities where the public service has a limited presence (e.g. dentistry, physiotherapy, lack of self-sufficiency) and where there are greatest difficulties in meeting the needs of citizens (specialist examinations and diagnostic tests).

This is the backdrop for the vision and mission of ONHC, which has repositioned its operations coordinating the competences and experience that it has acquired over more than a decade of activity, placing itself in the role of critical partner in the health funds sector with an all in one consultancy model:

These are the comments of ONHC’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Filippo Ceppellini

«We have expanded our range of services by creating an ecosystem of high-level professional partners, – explained Mr Filippo Ceppellini, ONHC’s Chief Executive Officer – with competences in the fields of medicine, law and taxes, risk and insurance management, and the actuarial and insurance sector, to which a fund must absolutely have access in order to equip its service offering for compliance rules, a high level of efficiency, and a sophisticated capability for analysis and monitoring».

ONHC’s all in one consultancy model aims to offer the range of consultancy services that a fund needs within a single partnership, thereby guaranteeing consistency in action and coordination. The result is an extraordinary opportunity for the operational management or board, with a fund that must constantly evaluate several concurrent aspects.

«In a nutshell,» Mr Ceppellini continued, «the objective of a health fund is achieved if it can offer a range of services that are welcomed by the relevant audience and by social partners, if it creates long-term sustainability in terms of the guaranteed services and a contractually defined contribution, and if all this takes place within a consistent and rigorous juridical, technical and actuarial compliance framework, with a high standard of service».

This is ONHC’s new operational instrument, through which it proposes to guarantee everything that health fund must provide in terms of independent consultancy support, within a single relationship.