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Health funds

Solutions to offer dental coverage plans to beneficiaries/clients with a service that is unparalleled for its quality and care.

The growing demand for supplemental health care

Health funds, welfare schemes, mutual societies or entities set up for welfare purposes pursuant to Article 51(2)(a) of Presidential Decree no. 917 of 22 December 1986 (“TUIR”) or supplemental health funds established pursuant to Article 9 of Legislative Decree no. 502/92, as amended, are becoming increasingly widespread in Italy. They were created to support the growing demand for supplemental health care, including dental care which, as we know, is not included in the services considered as essential, or in the services covered by the Italian health service.

If these types of health funds are registered in the Registry of Funds, established pursuant to Article 3 of the Decree of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies of 27 October 2009, they are required to allocate a share of not less than 20% of the total amount used for services that are supplementary to the essential services, the most significant of which are dental care services. Contributions paid by clients are deductible, up to a maximum of €3,615.20, for Health Funds that are registered with the Registry of Funds.

Our solutions

Through Odontonetwork, we can offer beneficiaries/clients dental coverage plans with a service that is unparalleled for its quality and care. We are able to provide our services to both self-insured and self-managed health funds.